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Roman Landik and his victim reach an “agreement”

01.11.2011    source:

A protest in July calling for an end to impunity for the sons and daughters of those in power

Roman Landik, former deputy of the Luhansk City Council and son of a Regions Party MP would appear to have  reached a settlement with the young woman he assaulted at the beginning of July. At the time, the video footage of him beating up the woman who refused his advances in a Luhansk restaurant circulated widely over the Internet, and caused enough of a furore for the government to promise that Landik would be prosecuted.  There was however always profound scepticism that he would really be punished, despite the fact that his prolonged spout of violence is all on CCTV.

Roman Landik fled to Russia from where he was finally extradited in September, and remanded in custody by a Luhansk court on 26 September. On 14 October K. Reutsky, a Luhansk human rights activist, reported having passed by Landik in the street, not in the SIZO or remand unit.

Now a press conference has been given in the premises of a television company IRTA which is owned by the family of National Deputy from the Party of the Regions Volodymyr Landik. At it, the young woman Maria Korshunova’s lawyer stated that she had reached an agreement with Landik and that she has no grievance against him. She refused to divulge the details of the agreement.

The fact of such an agreement having been reached can be an extenuating factor during the court examination. The case has been passed to the Leninsky District Court in Luhansk.

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