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Over two thirds of TV political news devoted to those in power

09.11.2011    source:

News on UTV-1, the State TV channel

In October more than two thirds of the time spent covering political events on Ukrainian TV channels was devoted to those in power, a survey carried out by the Ukrainian Press Academy and Academy of Science’ Institute of Sociology has found.  The results were presented on 7 November in Kyiv.

All television channels gave more direct broadcasting time to those in power.  The least balance was seen on the State-owned UTV-1.  In September and October the greatest percentage of direct broadcasting time given to the opposition was on TRC “Ukraina”.

In October 60% of direct broadcasting time was given to those in power*; 24% to the opposition; 7% to other politicians (against 76%, 14% і 10%, respectively, in September). The greatest percentage of direct broadcasting time given to the opposition was on TRC “Ukraina”.(41%) and Novy Kanal (32%).

The same figures were:

80% (those in power); 15% (the opposition) and 5% (other politicians in June 2011

74% (those in power); 16% (the opposition) and 10% (other politicians in April 2011

84%; 14% and 2% in February 2011

and 70%; 26% and 4% in December.

Only one in five reports on UTV-1 contained the views of political opponents, while on Novy Kanal the ratio was two out of three.

The specialists note that the leading channels are now considerably less interested in political news, with much more news about crime, natural disasters and catastrophes. On average three quarters of the news in 2011 has concerned Ukraine, with only one in five political.

The least political news is found on 1 + 1, the most on ICTV, with the most news not linked with Ukraine on Inter, UTV-1 and STB.

The monitoring is part of a project supported by the International Renaissance Foundation.

*  the clumsy term is because “government” is far too narrow for “влада” which includes the President who wields very considerable power

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