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Let’s help the Police know their duties

15.11.2011    source:
Information about the public monitoring of conditions and human rights observance in police stations and some highly telling video footag

Yehor Sobolyev at Svidomo begins his report by asking the reader if they tense up inside when they see a police patrol car.  When passing by a police station do they remember the fate of young student Ihor Indylo who in May 2010 died in a Kyiv station on the eve of his twentieth birthday?  

If they do, he writes, they should visit the website of the Association of Ukrainian Human Rights Monitors.

As reported, the Association has been coordinating around 50 Ukrainian NGOs who from 7 to 21 November are carrying out human rights monitoring of the police.

The results of the monitoring will be used in drawing up recommendations to the Ministry of Internal Affairs [MIA] and Cabinet of Ministers on how to improve cooperation between the police and members of the public.

Hundreds of people, Yehor Sobolyev writes, are voluntarily visiting the police or seeking meetings with their patrol units. The initiative “The Police under Control” was thought up for former officers who moved from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to human rights work. Svidomo had enormous pleasure in seeing what such a merging of experience and conscience can result in.

The author shows a video of a visit by the Head of the Association, Oleh Martynenko and colleagues to a district police office only two blocks away from the President’s Administration.  They explain on the following video what should be available. The video is reasonable clear without any words:

The number of infringements is considerable.

In the following video, the young officer guarding the police unit, and then his superior, both insist that the videoing be stopped, but can not say on what basis such an order is made.  The superior is clearly irritated.

The report, with more photos is on the Svidomo site here


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