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Police draw up administrative protocols against Chornobyl clean-up workers

02.12.2011    source:

Photo AP


The police have issued administrative protocols against 19 former Chornobyl Disaster clean-up workers who are on hunger strike outside the Cabinet of Ministers building in Kyiv. This is for what they claim are infringements of the rules for holding mass gatherings and citizens’ meetings.

The Kyiv Police Department informs that on Wednesday evening the men were read the court order banning the holding of mass protests in Kyiv, but they refused to stop their protest.

The police state that the men were not detained, but made to sign that they knew of their duty to appear at the court hearing which will consider the protocols.

The former Chornobyl clean-up workers are calling on National Deputies [MPs] to support their vigil during the night to protect them from possible provocation from the police and forced termination of their protest. 

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