NGOs ask where European Chernobyl money has gone

09.12.2011 |


The Head of the International Public Coordination Chernobyl Council which is made up of 21 civic organizations has written a letter to deputies of the European Parliament asking that the EP investigate how funding allocated by the European Commission for eliminating the humanitarian consequences of the Chernobyl Disaster has been used.

Professor Yury Bandazhevsky told Dzerkalo Tyzhnya that he has information regarding a number of Chernobyl projects for which the EC allocated funds.  One of these was for the town of Ivankiv, yet there nobody has heard of these projects. He hopes that the public will soon learn how the money was spent.

Professor Bandazhevsky who is also the Head of the NGO “Ecology and Health” also spoke of his projects which are not getting the green light. He says that pressure is not only being put on him, but on his family who live in Belarus. Any protest in Europe, he says, has repercussions for his adult daughters in Belarus, One is a doctor, the other is finishing university. Fortunately, he says, they share his views and they don’t yield to provocation. 

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