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Security Service’s powers further extended

21.12.2011    source:

The Verkhovna Rada has passed a Law on Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code on clarifying jurisdiction. Article 112 § 3 of the Code broadens the powers of the Security Service [SBU]. 

The SBU is now responsible for investigating “mass disturbances” (the crime set out in Article 294 of the Criminal Code.

The law also stipulates that if, when investigating any crime falling within the SBU’s jurisdiction, crimes linked with official activities, as well as bribe-taking, are alleged to have been committed by the person under investigation, or another person, if they are believed to be linked with the crimes, allegedly carried out by the person under investigation, they are investigated by the SBU investigators.

The draft law was registered as № 4505

The translation above is possibly a little misleading since all the words observing the presumption of innocence have been added by the translator (allegedly, etc).  Article 112 § 3 does not feel bound by this principle. 

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