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Ternopil Prosecutor “finds no racism” in scandalous article

10.02.2012    source:


The Ternopil Regional Prosecutor’s Office has announced that their investigator, “having made a check of the material of the scandalous publication in “New Ternopil Newspaper” [Nova ternopilska gazeta] from 25 January 2012 to ascertain whether it demonstrated signs of the crime under Article 161 of the Criminal Code, has taken the decision not to initiate criminal proceedings.

The check apparently convinced the investigator that the authors of the article did not intend “deliberate actions aimed at inciting ethnic, racial or religious enmity and offending the sensibilities of citizens according to elements of race, skin colour, religious or other convictions” (Article 161)

The report stated that if they receive a conclusion from the experts to whom the Prosecutors sent the text stating that norms of public morality and racial intolerance and hatred were not observed, the decision not to initiate criminal proceedings may be cancelled.

The decision is unlikely to be understood either in Ukraine or abroad.  The article in question was written about in foreign newspapers because it was so shockingly racist (hence our decision not to post it here).  The picture shows monkeys pawing a woman and the headline reads: “Arabs and Negroes fight over our prostitutes”.

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