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Council of Europe Secretary General concerned about YuliaTymoshenko’s health

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On Monday Thorbjørn Jagland today expressed his concerns over the treatment of persons detained in Ukraine. He also expressed particular concern about Yulia Tymoshenko’s deteriorating health condition


On Monday Thorbjørn Jagland today expressed his concerns over the treatment of persons detained in Ukraine. .

Speaking as the Council of Europe’s Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) issued conclusions from its visit to police and pre-trial establishments at the end of 2011, the Secretary General said:

"These preliminary observations identify a number of shortcomings regarding detention conditions in Ukraine and I trust the authorities will take appropriate measures without delay."

"I am also particularly concerned about Ms Yulia Tymoshenko’s deteriorating health conditions. Ms Tymoshenko’s application to the European Court of Human Rights concerning her detention is being examined as a matter of priority by the Court. I have noted statements by high Ukrainian authorities that Ukraine will surely implement the Court’s decision. In the meantime, I would underline that it is the responsibility of the Ukrainian authorities to ensure that Ms Tymoshenko is treated appropriately and in accordance with Ukraine’s commitments to the Council of Europe."

The CPT delegation examined the health care being provided to certain persons held at the Kyiv SIZO at the time of the visit, including Valeriy Ivashenko, Yuriy Lutsenko and Yulia Tymoshenko. The delegation has in particular expressed concern about the considerable delays observed in arranging specialised medical examinations outside the SIZO. The possible need for additional interventions to be explored in a hospital setting has also been flagged by the delegation.

The Ukrainian Government has requested the publication of the preliminary observations, and the full report on the visit will be transmitted to the authorities shortly.

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