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UN asked to intervene in case of Belarusian political prisoner Dmitry Bondarenko

27.03.2012    source:

The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has been asked to investigate allegations of torture against political prisoner Dmitry Bondarenko [Zmitser Bandarenka].

The NGO Human Eights Activists against Torture have sent an urgent complaint regarding suspicions that torture is being applied. The specific type of complaint is used in cases where intervention may be required to stop the actions.

The complaint points out that Bondarenko’s health is in a grave state following spinal surgery in September last year, and that the treatment he now needs cannot be provided in prison. They mention also that he has been refused disability status.  They have attached the necessary medical documents., as well as the assessment of an examination made by Ukrainian specialists Andriy Rokhansky.

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