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Ukrainians abroad demand their full electoral rights reinstated

12.04.2012    source:

They’ve robbed us!


We, the leaders of associations of Ukrainians of the fourth wave of emigration, are voicing our strong protest again the latest action of Ukrainian government, which using the so called “independent” Constitutional Court, deprived Ukrainian citizens living abroad from their right to elect single-mandate members of the Parliament during the upcoming October 2012 elections. 

Despite the numerous appeals of Ukrainian organizations abroad, Ukrainian government did nothing to improve the framework for free and fair participation of Ukrainian citizens abroad in the upcoming elections. On the contrary, the decision of the Constitutional Court adopted on April 5, 2012 stole 50 per cent votes of Ukrainians that are voting abroad. 

This step manifests another attempt of the current government to deny Ukrainians their constitutional right to vote and in such a way influence the developments inside the country and to contribute to building democratic Ukraine. This decision of the Constitutional Court is a vivid example of controlled judiciary and the violation of the principles of free and fair elections. As the result of this decision, millions of main Ukrainian investors, its citizens, that are temporarily working aboard, will be deprived from their rights to assess the current ruling elites in the democratic way and cast the vote during the elections. This very fact makes us doubt the intention Ukrainian leadership to conduct free and fair parliamentary elections and, therefore, makes the results of the upcoming elections questionable. 

We demand from the President of Ukraine, Parliament and Government an immediate attention to this court decision. We demand to restore the constitutional rights of the citizens of Ukraine. In case of further violations of our rights and lack of immediate attention to this matter, we reserve the right to resort to all legal means in order to defend our rights, including the appeal to all international institutions, peaceful demonstrations and finally, considering the results of the upcoming elections illegitimate. 

Oles Horodetsky, Head of Christian Association of Ukrainians in Italy (Rome, Italy) 

Pavlo Sadokha, Head of Association of Ukrainians in Portugal 

Maria Havryliuk, Director of Ukrainian Sunday school “Erudite” (Prague, Czech Republic) 

Stefania Shevtsova, Head of Association “Ukrainian Family” (Murcia, Spain) 

Maria Kurnytska, Head of Ukrainian Association “Oberih” (Cantabria, Spain) 

Anatolij Krat, Chief Editor “Ukrainian Newspaper” (Prague, Czech Republic) 

Larysa Ponomarenko, President, Association of Ukrainians of Murcia Region (Spain) 

Natalia Dmytruk, Director, Taras Shevchenko Educational Centre (Portugal)  

Oleh Zainullin, Vice-President, International Association “Ukrainian Freedom” (Prague, Czech Republic) 

Ihor Kobryliak, Head of Ukrainians in Algarve (Portugal) 

Iosyp Klymkovych, Head of Cultural Association “Rodyna” (Prague, Czech Republic) 

Oleh Hutsko, “Sobor” Association of Ukrainians in Portugal 

Svitlana Kmetyk, Association “Young Ukraine” (Madrid, Spain) 

Mariana Palko, Head of Association of Eastern Europe “For the Future” (Mostoles, Spain) 

Iryna Dmytrash, Association of Labour Migrants in Czech Republic 

Bogdan Danylyshyn, Ukrainian European Perspective (Prague, Czech Republic) 

Yuri Chopyk, Head of Association “Ukrainian Community of Spain for rights, justice and dignity of Ukrainians” 

Liudmyla Mlosh, Head of Central Association of Ukrainians in Germany 

Halyna Masliuk-Kakku, Head of Association of Ukrainian Diaspora in Greece 

Dina Petelko, Head of “Source” Association of Ukrainian women in Pavia 

Oleksandra Faryma, Head of the Association of Ukrainian women in Italy (Napoli) 

Volodymyr Stepaniuk, Head of “Barvinok” Association of Ukrainian in Sardinia (Kaliari) 

Maria Ochych, Vice-President of Association “Ukraine in Europe” (Rome, Italy) 
Myroslava Horbenko, Director of Ukrainian School “St. Sofia”, Association “Rodynna Svitlytsia” (Rome, Italy) 

Maria Bednarchuk, President of “Oriana” Association (Rome, Italy) 

Vira Khyzha, Association “Arata” (Rome, Italy) 

Olga Tarasiuk, Head of Cultural Association “Kalyna” (Salerno, Italy) 

Olga Vdovychenko, Head of “Nadia” Association (Brescia, Italy)

Liubov Zubko, Head of “Zubko” Cultural Association 

Yuri Zhuravel, Head of Ukrainian Human Rights Association in Italy “Oberih” (Venice-Mestre, Italy) 

Ivan Onyshchuk, Head of Ukrainian Christian Movement in Portugal 

Borys Kucheras, Head of “Source of the World” Association and Ukrainian education center “Oberih” ( Estoril, Portugal) 

Melania Lyvka, Union of Ukrainian Students in Germany 

Natalia Tsebryk, Member of the Board of Italian Trade Union “UGL” (Rome, Italy) 

Myroslava Rozdolska, Head of the Coordination Council of Pan American association “New Ukrainian Wave” 

Yaroslav Zahaiskyj, Head of Association “Orange Wave” (Chicago, USA) 

Volodymyr Petrushchak, Head of “Chervona Kalyna” Association of Ukrainians in Catalonia (Spain)

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