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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Lutsenko’s former colleagues collecting money to pay “compensation” demanded


Former Deputy Ministers when Yury Lutsenko was Minister of the Interior have started up a collection to pay the 643 thousand UAH which the court ordered Lutsenko to pay. The money is in compensation for the losses supposedly caused the state by what the court ruled was Lutsenko’s unlawful organization of festivities to mark Police Day in the Ukraina Palace.

The plan to gather this sum was announced on Wednesday at a press conference by former Deputy Ministers Volodymyr Yevdokimov; Vitaly Yarema; Pavlo Kononenko and Oleksandr Yembulatov. 

As reported then, the initiative was first proposed in October last year. Mr Yevdokimov says that an initiative group was formed and that people have recently been approaching it asking for bank details in order to make donations.

He says that the members of the initiative group “as lawyers are genuinely shocked by the charge against the former Minister and consider that the charge concerns each of us”.  He stresses that their action is not of a political nature.

Vitaly Yarema added that payment of the money should not fall as a burden on Mr Lutsenko’s family since over 3 thousand police officers were invited to the Ukraina Palace together with members of their family.

“We really don’t understand this court ruling, and the sentence against Yury Lutsenko. That is my personal opinion and I would like to pass on to Yury Mykhailovych that we will never regard him as a criminal even if he is held in a penal institution. I am personally calling on the Ministry’s management to not impose any penalties on staff if they want to have money taken to pay for the tickets received” (for the Police Day event).

Volodymyr Yevdokimov added that over the last few days he had personally received over 200 calls from police staff wishing to contribute.

The participants made public a phone number (: 096-258-36-08) and the bank details for all those wishing to make a donation.

In October General Volodymyr Yevdokimov, Head of Criminal Police from 2007-2010, stated during the trial of Yury Lutsenko that he had been upset that the event was treated as a special occasion, not festivities, and explained that according to the Presidential decree, the day is stipulated as a day of celebration, and a Cabinet of Ministers Resolution could not cancel this.

One of the charges against Yury Lutsenko relates to this event with it being called abuse of office with significant cost to the state.

New information from UNIAN

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