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State-owned UTV-1 refuses to broadcast opposition forum even for a fee

14.05.2012    source:

The management of the State-owned yet increasingly pro-current regime First National TV Channel [UTV-1]  refused to broadcast the forum of the united opposition held on 12 May.

Arseny Yatsenyuk, leader of the Front for Change, which is part of the united opposition, says that he wrote to Yegor Benkendorf, General Director of UTV-1 asking for broadcasting time on a paid basis.

The party was informed on the eve of the Forum that the application had been turned down.

The party’s press service says that they were given to understand that the decision was not the UTV-1 management, but had come from higher up.

UTV-1 is financed by the taxpayer.  It has carried out live broadcasts of the Party of the Regions Forum, meetings of Party of the Regions deputies, as well as the 44th Congress of the Communist Party [which is part of the ruling majority]. 

Telekritika approached UTV-1 and received a response from Benkendorf’s Deputy,

More on the subject of UTV-1 selective coverage can be found at State TV ignores international criticism of Tymoshenko verdict, Zero Tolerance for Taxpayer funded lies, and the links below


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