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25 May – Free Legal Aid Day



On 25 May leading defence lawyer organizations and law firms around the country are opening their doors to all those wishing to receive free legal consultations.

On Free Legal Aid Day 2012 people on low incomes, NGOs, charities and other non-profit-making organizations will have the opportunity to receive qualified assistance. There will also be a roundtable on developing a culture of pro bono in Ukraine. Participants will include leading law organizations and charities, as well as the partners of the project.  This is the third time the annual Free Legal Aid Day is being run. It was the initiative of the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine and has been supported by organizations and firms throughout Ukraine.

Arkady Bushchenko, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union is convinced that lawyers, like doctors and teachers, have a social duty.  Lawyers must be concerned about strengthening the legal system of the country since it is that structure in which they themselves work. If the system is destroyed, this must inevitably influence their work.

Free Legal Aid Day 2012 is supported by the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine; the Ukrainian Association of Defence Lawyers; the Ukrainian Union of Defence Lawyers; the Ukrainian Council of Defence Lawyers; the Kyiv City Qualification and Disciplinary Commission of the Legal Profession; the International Renaissance Foundation; the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union; the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation.  Information support is provided by the Centre for Human Rights Information. 

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