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In Memory: Viktor Fedushchak

24.05.2012    source:

Human Rights in Russia [HRO] has reported the death of Viktor Fedushchak, the Head of the Lviv Poshuk Society which is part of the International Memorial Society.  Poszhuk [Search] has researched the history of Soviet repression and helped families who suffered under totalitarianism.

Viktor Fedushchak headed Poshuk following the death of his mother, Iryna Fedushchak in 2008 however he had worked with her for many years doing an invaluable job in uncovering information about the victims of the Soviet regime.

Viktor’s grandfather, Iryna Fedushchak’s father was a historian who died in a labour camp in the Republic of Komi.

Both Viktor and his mother helped to find out what had happened to thousand of those who were arrested and disappeared.

In 1996 Poshuk organized an expedition to places of burial of those who died in the labour camps. On the basis of the material gathered, they made a film called “I burn in order to give light”, and in 2006 Mother and son published a book  entitled “Abel and Adak – Road to Eternity” dedicated to the memory of all those born in Ukraine who perished in the Soviet camps.

We join HRO in mourning the premature death of Viktor Fedushchak.

Вічна памˈять     Eternal Memory

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