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On the single bidder public procurement for the President’s flights

29.05.2012    source:
8.1 million UAH on servicing the President’s plane flights will go to the only bidder in the public procurement, “Tsentravia” which would seem to be connected with the company which owns the President’s residence at Mezhyhirya

From the Single State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs

The Internet publication Economichna Pravda [part of Ukrainska Pravda] reports that the State Aviation Enterprise “Ukraina” within the State Department of Affairs [Derzhavne upravlinnya spravami] will spend 8.1 million UAH on servicing planes used by President Yanukovych.  The information is from the Public Procurement Herald.

The procurement was carried out with only one bidder – the Limited Liability Company Tsentravia ТОВ "Центравіа".

The main founder of this company is the firm BLYTHE Associations Inc. which owns 99.9% of the shares. This firm is registered in an offshore zone, in the British Virgin Islands.

According to the Austrian commercial register of businesses, BLYTHE Associations Inc. was a share holder of the Limited Liability Company Tantalit which owns the residence Mezhyhirya where President Yanukovych has his residence. 

Viktor Yanukovych denies any involvement in this firm.

However last year the President’s Administration used public funding to rent office premises for Yanukovych in Mezhyhirya from the same company Tantalit for 100 thousand UAH.

In 2011 the state budget paid 7.5 million UAH for hire of the rotary wing aircraft AUGUSTA 139; and 8 million UAH for the plane Falcon 900. 

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