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Former Chornobyl clean-up workers outraged over trick with new law

07.06.2012    source:
The All-Ukrainian Association of Veterans of Chornobyl has issued a statement over the law passed ahead of schedule on 5 June and promises mass protest

Protests last year which the government was presumably trying to forestall by passing the bill ahead of schedule

The All-Ukrainian Association of Veterans of Chornobyl has issued a statement over the law passed unexpectedly on 5 June. As reported, the law which allows for the abolition of social benefits for some groups in society had previously led to massive protest.  It was passed unexpectedly on Tuesday evening after a day when mass protest against a highly contentious language bill distracted people’s attention.

The former Chornobyl clean-up workers write in their statement that “The Verkhovna Rada unexpectedly changed the timetable of their hearings and instead of 7 June, today, 5 June,   in breach of their own Regulations, sneakily passed Law No. 9127 on the State’s so-called “guarantees” regarding enforcement of court rulings, but more accurately, on guaranteed non-enforcement of laws and court rulings regarding social protection of Ukrainian citizens.

Such haste was not by chance since it was no secret that on 7 June our civic organization had planned a mass protest against the adoption of that draft law which violates the constitutional right of citizens to court defence and effectively makes it impossible to uphold citizens’ social rights in courts”.

The ruling majority were thus, the statement says, trying to forestall protest from former Chornobyl clean-up workers, veterans of the Afghanistan War, and members of other socially vulnerable groups in society.

The All-Ukrainian Association of Veterans of Chornobyl states that its planned protest will take place on Thursday 7 June at 10.00 outside the Verkhovna Rada, and they will be announcing joint demands of the President, parliament and Cabinet of Ministers.


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