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Jewish mass grave at Sosonki vandalized

08.06.2012    source:
Sosonki Clearing near Rivne which holds the mass grave of seventeen and a half thousand Jews murdered by the Nazis has been vandalized

The Rivne Regional Police report “hooliganism” at the Sosonki Clearing which holds a mass grave of Jewish people murdered during World War II. The memorial plaque near the common grave has been damaged, as well as 8 street lamps. Those responsible desecrated the area for laying flowers and lighting candles, and also daubed offensive words around.

The Sosonki Clearing near Rivne is the burial place for 17.5 thousand Jews murdered by the Nazis on 6 November 1941.  A Memorial was built here after Ukraine gained independence.

A criminal investigation has been initiated under Article 296 § 2 of the Criminal Code – « hooliganism ». 

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