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Money for drinking water used for officials’ mineral water?

18.06.2012    source:
Shocking results from an Accounting Chamber of Ukraine audit on implementation (or lack of implementation) of a programme for ensuring clean drinking water


According to UN statistics, almost 800 million people lack sufficient drinking water. It looks as though Ukrainians may not be far from that if the report just released by the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine is anything to go by. According to its audit on the programme Drinking Water in Ukraine for 2008-2020, public funding for ensuring clean water has been used by the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services ineffectively.

As of 2010, the funding for the Programme had been almost 6 times reduced. And from the funding that was received, over 48 million UAH was spent with infringements of legislation, including 20.5 million ineffectively. One can only guess where the money went.

It turns out that we cannot even find out about the real situation with drinking water since there was no national report on the quality of drinking water for 2010 at all, whereas in previous years not all regions had been covered.

It also transpired that after amendments were made to the Law on the Nationwide Programme Drinking Water in Ukraine for 2008-2020, the system of measures on development and reconstruction of centralized water supply and drainage systems was removed from the Programme despite the fact that it is presently in a critical state.

The situation in the regions is no better, with the local authorities having done nothing to resolve the most urgent problems nor have regional commissions been created on implementation of the Programme.

And while officials use the funding as they see fit, the situation worsens. According to the Sanitation and Epidemiology Service, 65% of Ukrainians drink water unsuitable for consumption. 

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