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Hearing into Strogan case again deferred

The latest hearing in the scandalous murder charges brought against Yakiv Strogan who had publicly alleged torture by police officers has once again been deferred, this time apparently due to the judge being unwell.

  The hearing into the case of Yakiv Strogan due on 21 June has once again been deferred, this time apparently due to the judge being unwell.

Yakiv Strogan was finally released from custody on a signed undertaking not to leave Kharkiv on 13 March this year, having spent 14 months in detention.  He was arrested in December 2010 and charged with attempted murder in connection with a scuffle with a neighbour in August that year.  After the police were called and allegedly took Strogan away, subjecting him to torture in an attempt to extort money from the family, Yakiv Strogan, in the presence of Kharkiv Human Rights Group lawyers, publicly asserted that he had been tortured, and over the following months tried to get a criminal investigation initiated over the torture claims.  The final occasion was at parliamentary hearings at the beginning of December.  A week later the new charge of attempted murder was suddenly presented, and Yakiv remanded in custody. See: Yakiv Strogan released from custody; impunity intact

Inna Sukhorukova who is following the court hearings (when they happen …) points out that Strogan was released following a repeat forensic examination which found that the victim had only suffered light injuries which should lead to a change in the charge.

The Prosecutor however demanded a new forensic examination. This confirmed the first result meaning that the case should now be considered on its merits. 

Instead it keeps being delayed.

It remains to be seen whether the new hearing scheduled for 27 June will take place.

22 June 2012 

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