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So how much would the new language law cost?



While the Finance Ministry saw the need to refute statements in the press about the cost of the Party of the Regions’controversial bill, if implemented properly, the cost would be staggering

Following media reports speaking of very large amounts if the highly contentious draft Law on the Principles of State Language Policy (No. 9073) were passed, with the Ministry of Finance quoted as source, the latter has issued a statement.

It says that in its expert conclusions it informed the Verkhovna Rada and individual MPs that implementation of this law would entail the following:

training educational workers to teach subjects in regional languages;

publishing textbooks, other educational and reference material in the regional language;

guaranteeing the right to receive education in both the State language and regional or minority languages;

issuing educational documents for people who studied in the regional language, on their request not only in the State language but in the particular regional language;

publishing the legal acts issued by local and central authorities and bodies of local self-government  acts in the State and regional languages;

preparing stamps, official forms etc

Moreover, at the decision of a local council in some cases such measures could be applied to a language where the regional language group constitutes less than 10% of the population of the relevant area.  Residents of the area have the right to raise the issue of measures aimed at using a regional or minority language.

Should over 10% of the population of an area sign such a request the local council would be obliged to pass the relevant decisions within 30 days.

The Ministry states that it does not have sufficient information due to the options given above to calculate the expenditure required at central and local level.

From the statement here

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