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Threefold increase in complaints about external examination results


  This year the Ukrainian Educational Quality Assessment Centre has received 9, 783 complaints from school leavers unhappy with the results of the Independent External Assessment [ZNO].  According to the Centre’s Director Iryna Zaitseva this is three times higher than the previous year, and complaints can still be made until the end of this week.

The Centre examines any complaints submitted within three days of the results being announced.

In 2011 the appeal commission reviewed 3, 206 complaints.  The commission can leave the result unchanged, increase – or lower – the mark.

The most complaints this year have been over marks for Ukrainian Language and Literature, but there have also been issues with the Biology Test.

Valentin Korniyenko who wrote a free essay and found that he had received 0 out of 24 complained only to find that his complaint had not even been considered.

He says that he still has no idea why his appeal was turned down without consideration and plans to look into it.  He is hoping to study journalism or subjects linked with a career in advertising or communications and the zero mark has effectively closed doors for him.

Another feature of this year’s ZNO was that the maximum number of test subjects by choice was reduced from 5 to 4.  There were also metal detectors in some exam centres preventing students bringing in mobile telephones etc. 

However the civic network OPORA says that this varied enormously across the country. In Lviv, for example, they were used in almost every exam centre, in Ivano-Frankivsk  a special unit checked the students, and in the Kherson region they were used extremely rarely.

According to official data, almost 400 infringements were recorded this year.

The issues of entry into higher educational institutions and the role of ZNO have been fraught since 2010 when Dmytro Tabachnyk became Minister of Education.  See, for example, Independent external assessment again under siege

New information and photo from the BBC Ukrainian Service

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