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Strange story with police summons of language law protester

13.07.2012    source:
The police would appear to have turned up to hand a mysterious summons to one of the protesters on hunger strike in Kyiv


The wife of Petro Shkutyak, one of the people on hunger strike in Kyiv against the highly controversial language law has received a visit from the police – at their home in Ivano-Frankivsk (a serious distance from Kyiv).  Rita Zhenchuk says that at 8.00 on Wednesday the doorbell rang and she was told that it was the police (it is not quite clear from the report whether there was one man or two – translator).  She wasn’t dressed and so did not open the door.  She says that they asked whether her husband was at home, and when she told them he was in Kyiv, they asked her to identify herself. Asked why they were there, they said through the door that they’d come to pass on a summons.

She refused to open the door and said that her husband’s father would be there in a minute and they could pass him the summons.  The officer instead simply asked for her telephone number and left.

Asked by Ukrainska Pravda for his comment, hunger striker Petro Shkutyak said that he has no idea what the summons is about but assumes it must be over the protest.

“I don’t think there are any other possibilities since I’ve had no encounters with the police in Ivano-Frankivsk  and haven’t committed any offences”.

“But I would like to stress that I’m here in front of Ukrainsky Dim [Ukraine House] and am not hiding from anyone. Let them come and give me th

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