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Cherkasy court bans political protest for nearly 2 months


Implementation of the court ban on peaceful assembly (6 July 2012)

The Cherkasy District Administrative Court has banned any political protests on Soborna Square in the centre of Cherkasy.

Interfax Ukraine was told by the Coordinator of the United Opposition in the Cherkasy Region Leonid Datsenko that the ban is from 16 July to 10 September. The ban, he says, covers a number of parties (across the political spectre). The court ruling is dated 13 July however the United Opposition only received a copy on 20 July.

He said that the authorities are using administrative levers to prevent the opposition holding protests on the central square of the city.

On 6 July in Cherkasy the police removed a tent camp where people were protesting against the controversial language law and said that there was a court order banning the protest. At present there are tents on the Square selling things for school and bags.

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