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Journalist assaulted by Regions Party delegate’s guard

31.07.2012    source:

  On Monday security guards of one of the delegates to the Party of the Regions Congress assaulted well-known Ukrainska Pravda journalist Mustafa Nayem. .

Mustafa Nayem explains that the incident occurred when on the way to the exhibition centre where the congress is taking place, the car accompanying one of the deputies cut ahead of his motorbike.  One of the guards opened the car door, used abusive language and asked if Mustafa Nayem couldn’t see that they were escorts.

When both the accompanying car and the journalist arrived at the exhibition centre, Mustafa Nayem came over to find out who was sitting in the car.

Instead the guard got out, knocked the journalist’s telephone out of his hand and this time not only used bad language, but also pushed him

Another guard picked up the phone, took the video footage out it and handed the phone to Nayem.  The incident was witnessed by traffic police and Party of the Regions deputy Vitaly Khomutynnyk.  The deputy said that he would find out why the guard behaved like that.  He said he could guess who might have been in the car.

Later a person rang from Khomutynnyk’s phone and tried to explain the situation. However when asked who was ringing, the person answered that that was of no importance and the situation was not worth making public. 

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