war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Call for adequate measures against police who assaulted Oleh Veremeyenko


The Consultative Council under the Human Rights Ombudsperson has issued a statement addressed to the Prosecutor General and Minister of the Interior over the assault by police on lawyer Oleh Veremeyenko in the Dniprovsky Police Station in Kyiv.

“The members of the Consultative Council under the Human Rights Ombudsperson and representatives of Ukrainian human rights NGOs express deep concern over reports that on 30 July 2012 lawyer Oleh Veremeyenko was beaten by police officers while he was carrying out his professional duty to provide his client with legal assistance.  According to information received, Oleh Veremeyenko suffered concussion and other injuries as a result. There are also reports that the police did not allow ambulance medics to see Veremeyenko’s client, a woman detained in the police station and needing such medical aid.

Of particular concern is information that the assault was carried out by police officers on duty at the Dniprovsky Police Station in Kyiv.

The Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly confirmed their obligations regarding observance and defence of human rights and fundamental freedoms. The given situation is totally inadmissible in a democratic society since representatives of the authorities not only caused damage to Oleh Veremeyenko’s health, but in so doing also deprived his client of the right to defence.

In view of the above we demand that a proper investigation into the circumstances around the injuries inflicted upon lawyer Oleh Veremeyenko and the obstruction of his work as a lawyer be carried out, and those officials responsible held to answer.

Consultative Council under the Human Rights Ombudsperson

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