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Another supposed leap from a Kharkiv police station window

04.08.2012    source:


At around 13.00 on 2 August a 35-year-old man apparently jumped out of a toilet window on the fourth floor of the Ordzhonikidsky District Police Station in Kharkiv.

The report from the Police Press Service states that the man was invited to the police station to give his statement regarding unlawful sale of narcotics.

The man survved and is presently in the Kharkiv Emergency Medical Aid Clinic. The Central Police Department for the Kharkiv Region is carrying out an official investigation.

The Kharkiv Human Rights Group is also carrying out an investigation and believes that there may be several violations in the actions of the police.

They point out that the man was not “invited” to the police station, but taken there.  If, as the police assert, he jumped under the influence of drugs, why was he being questioned in such a state?

People more often than not jump in an attempt to escape those who are torturing them. 

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