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Anti-language law protest a health hazard … - if you want to ban it


Another protest against the language bill in Cherkasy was very roughly dispersed by the police

The Kharkiv District Administrative Court has allowed an application from the City Council and banned an indefinite protest against the Law on the Principles of State Language Policy beginning on 10 August on Freedom Square. 

The court deemed that there was “a threat to the safety and life” both of the protesters and others.  It said that the protest could obstruct the traffic and adversely affect protestors’ health

“According to information from the Department of Health of the City Council the ongoing effect of a higher temperature and the Sun’s radiation adversely affects the physical state of the human organism, and weakens a person’s resistance to overheating. … the Kharkiv Police have provided information that the holding of such measures in the city centre requires deployment of a considerable contingent of officers, which will adversely affect the state of law and order in other districts of the city, force the traffic to be stopped on adjoining streets which will adversely affect the everyday lives of citizens not taking part in the event.”

The protesters at first said that they would defy the ban, and would simply move to another place when the court officers arrive to read out the ban.  Later, however, protesters from the Union of Ukrainian Youth and Young Prosvita said that they would move to a new place now.

The highly contentious language law came into effect on Friday after President Yanukovych decided to ignore multiple calls from within Ukraine and abroad, and sign it.

Information about the ban from Interfax Ukraine

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