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TVi accuses Broadcasting Council over removal from cable networks

16.08.2012    source:

TVi has been removed from air in both Donetsk and Mariupol, with this coming after the actions of the provider Triolan which deprived some 200 thousand viewers in 11 cities of access to the independent TV channel

On Wednesday it issued the following statement regarding unwarranted removal from regional broadcasters.

On 13 August 2012 in Donetsk and Mariupol operators removed TVi from their networks. At present we have not been received any reasoned answer as to why.

At the same time TVi is receiving reports from its partners in the regions indicating that such actions by the cable providers are the result of direct instructions from regional representatives of the National TV and Radio Broadcasting Council.

As reported, we earlier received responses from the regulators of the telecommunications market and TV and Radio Broadcasters, and the National TV and Radio Broadcasting Council regarding exclusion from TVi from the Triolan network. These demonstrated reluctance to involve themselves in component issues of the television information realm in the country.

For example, the Broadcasting Council which has sufficient levers of influence for the given situation decided to pay no attention to the above mentioned infringements, referring to the “moratorium” on checks of TV and radio companies during the election period.

We consider that in this manner the State regulators are refusing to carry out their direct functions and obey the letter of the law.

We are convinced that through such actions the National Broadcasting Council is not only infringing the demands of legislation regarding the work of cable providers, but also legislation on the parliamentary elections. Electoral legislations contains State guarantees regarding free circulation of any information on facts and events linked with the elections. 

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