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Two men facing extradition over “Putin assassination plot”

16.08.2012    source: .


The Odessa Court of Appeal has rejected the appeal against the decision of the Prosecutor General’s Office [PGO] and ruling by a first instance court to extradite Chechen Adam Osmayev to Russia. He is accused of planning an “assassination attempt” on Putin in February this year, as well as on Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. The court rejected the arguments of the defence that Mr Osmayev’s life could be in danger if he is forcibly returned to the Russian Federation.

The Malinovsky District Court in Odessa at the beginning of August rejected the appeals of two men -  Adam Osmayev and Kazakhstan national Ilya Pyanzin against the decision from the PGO to extradite them to the Russian Federation. Mr Osmayev’s defence lodged a further appeal.

The defence based their case on the argument that no proof had been given that Adam Osmayev is the person sought since 2009 on suspicion of an attempt against Kadyrov.

The lawyers also argue that in principle Osmayev could face the death penalty in Russia and that there is still a criminal investigation against him underway in Ukraine.

The case began after a homemade bomb exploded in a flat which they were renting on 4 January 2012  in which a third person, Chechen Ruslan Madayev was killed. Pyanzin ended up in hospital and Osmayev fled. He was soon detained and charged with possession of firearms and explosions. In March both men were charged with “creating a terrorist organization” and “planning a terrorist act” under the Ukrainian Criminal Code.

There was a lot of publicity about the alleged terrorist plot in February with considerable cynicism expressed with the alleged plot being uncovered on the eve of Putin’s “election” to a third presidential term.

From information reported by Kommersant Ukraine

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