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Kharkiv Anti-Language Law protest camp restored following attack

16.08.2012    source:

During the early hours of Wednesday morning an attack took place on the tent camp of activists protesting against the language law increasing the role of Russian which President Yanukovych signed a week ago.

According to one of the activists Kostyantin Cheremsky, the assailants attacked at around 2 a.m. when the lights went off in the city. There were six men of athletic build with hoods on. They were apparently well-organized and carried out their destructive actions in silence.  Their actions, in cutting up the banners, seizing flags and other things, etc, all lasted around 5 minutes.  

There were only two protesters there at the time and they did not try to resist the assailants.  According to him, they called the police, but the latter took an hour to arrive. The police version of their speed etc is different.

On Wednesday evening, in the Shevchenko Garden in the centre of Kharkiv and near the monument to Taras Shevchenko, there were around 10 activists. They insist that their protest is legal since they have again notified the authorities. As reported, there has been an indefinite protest against the highly contentious language law since 3 July. The courts, at the application of the city authorities, have banned the protest four times.

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