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European Commission concerned by new law on public procurement


The European Commission has expressed concern over a law passed and signed by the President which removes from public scrutiny a considerable amount of public procurements. Peter Stano, spokesperson for the EC Commissioner on Expansion and the Neighbourhood Policy has told Radio Svoboda that the amendments “do not comply with the future Association Agreement and international principles. Ukrainian analysts working in the field of State finances, believe that the money from public procurement could be used to support the ruling party at the elections.

The European Commission has joined Ukrainian critics of the Law because it withdraws from public control tens of billions in State funding. Peter Stano says that the EU is concerned over changes to Ukrainian legislation.

He stated by telephone from Brussels that the EU had recently expressed its concern over lack of commitment from the Ukrainian authorities on carrying out a policy of public procurement. in line with a future Association Agreement and international principles.

Ukrainian specialists are convinced that the new law opens new avenues for abuse. Oleksy Khmara, Head of TORO, the contact group for Transparency International in Ukraine, says that the new law will result n protégé’s of the present regime dividing up public funding.  He says that the leading party which is putting its people into positions of power has access to State enterprises which from now on will hold tenders in particularly corrupt fashion.

He says that the law is needed by those in power in order to finance the election campaign, and believes that around 250 billion UAH will thus be transferred into the shadow economy.

Reporting on the TORO website from a report by Radio Svoboda

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