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Belarus: arrests of social network moderators

31.08.2012    source:

Roman Protasevich released because he is under 18 

Charter 97 reports the arrests of moderators of social network opposition groups. It says that the Belarusian KGB has also hacked into the largest Internet communities in the network Vkontakte “We’re sick of that Lukashenko” which has 37 thousand users, and “Only ShOS” [the Shanghai Coordination Organization] with 15 thousand users.

First reports suggest that Pavel Yevtezheev, Andrei Tkachev, Roman Protasevich and 2 or 3 others have been arrested.

Charter 97 spoke with Pavel Yevtezheev’s mother who says that KGB officers came to her work.  They did not show her any ID but demanded that she take them to her home and let them in. She says that two men went with her while others stood guard in the courtyard to prevent Pavel escaping. She continued to insist that they identify themselves. She says that they took her son away, and seized his computer. She heard them demanding that he tell them all the passwords.

Roman Protasevich was released later because he is underage.  He told Charter 97 that the KGB officers had beaten him demanding that he tell them the passwords on VKontakte.

He says that the arrests and removal of the group is yet more confirmation that the young people are doing everything right. 

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