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60 Russians banned from entering UK over Magnitsky case

03.09.2012    source:

British Home Secretary Theresa May has sent a list of 60 Russian citizens barred from entering Great Britain in connection with the Magnitsky case, London’s Sunday Times newspaper reported.

On the "blacklist" are judges and officials of security services and the prosecutor’s office.

Minister for Immigration Damian Green reported about the details of the blacklist in a letter to a British parliament member. In the letter, the minister said the list of 60 officials compiled by the U.S. Congress committee was sent to the British embassy in Moscow. It will be applied when U.K. visa appliations are considered, Green noted.

The British embassy in Moscow gives no comments so far on the information.

British visas, as a rule, are not issued for persons involved in human rights violations, a source at the British Embassy in Moscow told Itar-Tass on Sunday, commenting on the information that the embassy had received from the U.K. Home Office a list of Russians barred from entering the country.

Persons who are not EU citizens can enter the territory of Great Britain is they meet the British immigration laws, the source said, adding that visas were not granted, as a rule, to persons involved in violation of human rights.

Great Britain does not comment on individual visa applications, the source added.

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