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Anger over latest desecration of Crimean Muslim religious symbols

04.09.2012    source:


The Mufiyat of the Crimea has warned that Crimean Muslims could lose patience over the desecration of their religious symbols.

In an interview, spokesperson for the Spiritual Directorate of Crimean Muslims, Aider Adzhimambetov warned that if the police this time don’t find those responsible for the latest act of vandalism of Muslim graves, patience could be exhausted.

He informed that during the night of 31 August – 1 September in Bilohorsk (Karasubazar, ) a swastika was painted on the memorial stone and the fence destroyed of the grave “Azipgth”.  He expressed outrage over the desecration and pointed to the planned and serial nature of such crimes.  “Someone has an interest in destabilizing the situation in the Crimea”.

There have been a number of cases where Crimean Tatar symbols have been desecrated in Simferopol, with swastikas painted. These included the Memorial Complex to the Victims of the Deportation of the Crimean Tatar People; a huge banner with a portrait of the pilot Amet-Khan Suttan on one of the central squares in Simferopol; as well as a panel of the Crimean Tatar flag in another square.

During this year there have also been a number of cases where Muslim graves were desecrated. 

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