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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Government steps up measures against “actions which threaten public order”

18.09.2012    source:
The Cabinet of Ministers has issued a Directive to the Security Service, the State Broadcasting Committee and other bodies on measures, including media coverage, against terrorism, calls to overthrow the constitutional order, disturbing the peace …

The Cabinet of Ministers in its Directive No. 672 dated 12 September 2012 calls on the SBU [Security Service] with the help of the Interior Ministry and other ministries and departments to step up measures against “terrorism”.

The document deserves to be read in its entirety

On information-explanatory measures in the sphere of fighting terrorism

1) In order to increase the level of public legal awareness and knowledge on issues related to avoiding and stopping terrorist activities, (the Cabinet of Ministers) recommends that the Security Service, with the participation of the Interior Ministry; the Defence Ministry; the Emergencies Ministry; the State TV and Radio Broadcasting Committee, others directly engaged in the fight against terrorism or who, in accordance with legislation, are enlisted into the fight against terrorism ensure:

coverage in the media of measures implementing state policy on fighting terrorism in order to form a negative attitude among the public to terrorist activity in all its forms and manifestations;

timely identification and prevention of the circulation of material containing calls to violent change, the overthrow of the constitutional order; seizure of state power; to encroachments on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and inviolability; with incitement to national, racial or religious enmity and hatred; to the carrying out of terrorist acts and actions which threaten public order; as well as material promoting racial, national or religious intolerance and discrimination.

informing the public about terrorist crimes uncovered, their public danger and liability envisaged by law for such crimes, as well as about anti-terrorist exercises and their results;

inculcating in the activities of those directly engaged in fighting terrorism international experience on informing the public about anti-terrorist measures.

2)  Ministries and other central bodies of executive power should, as per their competence, ensure with the participation of the Security Service that plans for information – explanatory measures are approved on fighting terrorism in accordance with the items set out in No. 1 of this Instruction.

Prime Minister of Ukraine, M. Azarov

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