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On selecting electoral commission members

24.09.2012    source:


The Luhansk Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] writes that the method of holding a draw thought up in the Central Election Committee has proven too complicated for district electoral commission [DEC] lawyers.

The meeting of the DEC for the single-mandate electoral district No. 112 where the draw was taking place for members of precinct electoral commissions [PEC] ended late into the night from 20 to 21 September. However the “Elections” computer system “rejected” the results of the draw and the commission repeated it on Friday, at 17.00.

An analogous situation arose in single-mandate electoral district No. 106 where the draw was held on Friday at 10.00. Late in the evening of the same day members of the DEC gathered again to correct the results.  Admittedly, in this Severodonetsk DEC they did not hold a repeat draw –  the DEC members instead interpreted the results of their morning manipulations.

In Lysychansk the meeting of DEC for single-mandate electoral district No. 107 began at 17.00 , however by 22.00 on 21 September they had still not begun the draw because they were resolving preparation matters. These were linked, CVU notes, among other things with the multiple submission of applications from the People’s Movement of Ukraine.

A problem was presented to journalists of many DEC through the CEC’s changed instructions regarding the procedure for holding the draw.  According to this the draw does not define the numbers of parties or candidates who submitted applications, but the numbers in the lists of candidates made up according to these applications in the order of their submission. This proved overly complicated for the lawyers and heads of DEC, and the Elections computer programme did not accept the data received when holding the draw not according to that instruction.

Unfortunately, after numerous mistakes on Thursday, neither the CEC nor party headquarters, nor national monitoring organizations such as CVU and OPORA circulated information about this.

In Severodonetsk and Lysychansk there were 54 applications, in Rubizhne (No. 112) – 68.  A record of sorts was created on Friday by District No. 106 which held 4 meetings that day.  At the third meeting at 17.00 11 observers from the civic network OPORA were registered. 

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