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CVU criticizes process for forming precinct electoral commissions

03.10.2012    source:

At a press conference on 2 October, the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] presented the results of its monitoring of the election campaign in September.

CVU Head Oleksandr Chernenko called the main problem in September “the draw and formation of precinct electoral commissions [PEC]. The Central Election Commission’s change of the Rules of Procedure for running the draw led to certain election players being deprived of representation in PEC and the appointment to PEC of a considerable number of people who do not have the relevant training. The lack of clarity of certain provisions of these Rules of Procedure was one of the reasons for conflict in holding the draws. This meant that most PEC did not begin working on time, and there are widescale and constant changes of members.

Serhiy Tkachenko, Head of the Donetsk Regional Branch of the CVU: “Who the Donetsk oblast has not seen, and unfortunately won’t see at these elections, is a fully competitive battle. I would therefore advise those now in power to run a maximally proper campaign. However we are not seeing this either”,

CVU Deputy Head Natalia Lynnyk presented the project “STOP bribery”. She stresses the importance of implementing this project saying that CVU monitoring at local level has found whole networks for bribing voters with strategies being developed for systematic bribing. All methods are used: money; food parcels; free social, medical or everyday services; even paying rent. She also mentioned that CVU is running a project involving educational measures and legal consultation for voters during the election campaign in order to prevent widescale bribery of voters. This is with the support of the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation.


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