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Fake CVU leaflets used to spread defamatory information

11.10.2012    source:


Another case of fake leaflets has been reported, this time in the Kakhovska single-mandate electoral district No. 185 with the material purporting to be from the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU].  The Kherson Regional Branch of the CVU has issued an official statement regarding the leaflets which contain defamatory information about one of the parliamentary candidates – Serhiy Khlan.  The leaflets are supposedly signed by CVU, contain an order number and the number of copies printed.

CVU notes that this is not the first case where black PR methods have been used in this electoral district. In August defamatory articles appeared in district newspapers against the same candidate. Later a fake newspaper appeared with defamatory comments about another candidate, Stanislav Nikolayenko.

CVU stresses that the leaflets being circulated have nothing to do with the Committee.  It condemns such tactics, as all methods of deceiving the voter.

They call on the law enforcement agencies to carry out a check into the case and to take all appropriate measures.

From a report at CVU

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