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Schulz on Ukraine: need to overcome stalemate in EU ties despite vote shortcomings

30.10.2012    source:


European Parliament President Martin Schulz made the following statement in reaction to the conduct and results of parliamentary elections in Ukraine:

"These elections were of critical importance for the future direction of Ukraine and for relations between Kyiv and the European Union.

Noting preliminary conclusions of international observers from OSCE/ODIHR mission, I regret that many shortcomings marred the ballot. I am concerned by the lack of a level playing field among political forces caused, among other reasons, by the abuse of administrative resources.

Campaign and party financing lacked transparency and media coverage was tilted in favour of the ruling party. Continued imprisonment of prominent opposition activists cast a shadow over the election process.

But I welcome the fact that the election day was calm and peaceful, and that voting and counting were assessed positively. I also welcome a high turnout in the elections.

The Ukrainian authorities should remedy all shortcomings. Ukrainian people deserve to live in a well-functioning democratic state.

While the elections clearly presented a challenge for Ukraine’s fragile democratic institutions, the European Union should keep its critical engagement with the country and help it embrace necessary reforms.

I very much hope that Ukraine will take steps that will allow it and the European Union to overcome a stalemate in mutual relations. Those should address the problems of rule of law and independence of judiciary.

I strongly encourage cooperation and dialogue between the government and opposition forces in solving urgent social and economy problems and especially in view of Ukraine’s European agenda.

I would like to inform that European Parliament Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, headed by Presidents Aleksander Kwasniewski and Pat Cox, will return to Kyiv on November 6-7 to continue its scrutiny of the judicial cases of imprisoned opposition leaders and their discussions with the Ukrainian authorities on the necessary legal reforms."


EP Election Observation Delegation for Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine grouped:

Pawel Robert KOWAL (Chair) ECR, Poland

Michael GAHLER (Vice-Chair) EPP, Germany

Juan Fernando LÓPEZ AGUILAR (Vice-Chair) S&D, Spain

Rebecca HARMS (Vice-Chair) Greens, Germany

Anna Maria CORAZZA BILDT EPP, Swedish

Andrzej GRZYB EPP, Poland

Joachim ZELLER EPP, Germany



Mário DAVID EPP, Portugal

Norbert NEUSER S&D, Germany

Marek SIWIEC S&D, Poland

Kristian VIGENIN S&D, Bulgaria

Marek Henryk MIGALSKI ECR, Poland

Adrian SEVERIN NI, Romania

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