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Chernenko: "These elections the worst since 2004"


The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] has published its report on its monitoring of Election Day.  It says that although violations were not of a mass and systematic nature, infringements were recorded in most regions. It points out that more infringements were seen in the earlier stages of the election process and specifically points to the formation of district electoral commissions and precinct electoral commissions.  One such issue was the change in members of the commissions just before Election Day.

CVU expresses concern over widespread voter bribing and the failure of the law enforcement agencies to respond which may have distorted the vote in some single-mandate electoral districts.

Other concerns included:

faults in the voter lists;

attempts to distort the vote count;

abuse connected with organizing voting at home’

the number of DDoS attacks which prevented CVU and other election monitors from providing information.  No statements have yet been forthcoming from the law enforcement agencies.

Some of the polling stations failed to provide information about voting procedure and the video surveillance system did not always work properly.

During the press conference where the results were announced, the Head of CVU Oleksandr Chernenko said that the greatest number of infringements were linked with bribery of voters throughout the election period and even on Election Day. He said that the elections had been difficult, the number of violations considerable. “I’d even say that these were the worst elections since 2004”.  He did however say that if the vote count is fair then one can say that the voters did make their choice.

One problem he highlighted was confusion because of the widespread use of the stamp saying “withdrawn” by candidates’ names and names of parties even though they were taking part in the elections.  He said that the party most affected by this had been VO Svoboda, however since the party’s representatives had in most cases detected it in time, the ballot papers could be changed.

The full report is available in Ukrainian here:

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