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CVU takes electoral commission in Donetsk oblast to court

01.11.2012    source:
The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] is challenging the decision of a precinct electoral commission which removed an official observer and journalist who was trying to check the passport of a person believed to be voting for a second time

The Donetsk Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU], which is part of the network of OPORA monitors, has filed a suit with the court against the actions of Precinct Electoral Commission [PEC] No. 141812 (Electoral District No. 44).  It asks the court to declare deliberately wrongful the removal of an official observer and representative of the printed press from the polling station.  It also asks the court to declare unlawful and revoke the relevant PEC decision from 28 October which was drawn up and passed in breach of the law.

The PEC decision, it says, to remove the observer and journalist failed to meet certain requirements.  It had no number, nor the names of the signing members of the commission. Nor did the PEC have the right to hold meetings from 8.00 to 20.00 on Election Day, and it therefore could not legitimately pass such decisions.  The PEC decision referred to Article 78 of the Law on the Parliamentary Elections to justify its decision yet this refers to unjustifiable intrusion in a commission’s work. The official observer did not do anything which could fall under this Article of the Law.

The first hearing was due on 31 October.  There is no information as yet on its outcome.

On Election Day the observer and journalist was removed by the police on the PEC’s instruction after he attempted to check the passport details of a man who was probably voting for a second time. 

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