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Opposition candidate in scandal-filled No. 94 appeals to Strasbourg


Viktor Romanyuk, candidate for the United Opposition (the Batkivshchyna Party) has applied to the European Court of Human Rights over the decision of District Election Commission No. 94 which found the voting in 27 polling stations invalid. The Batkivshchyna Party Press Service states that in this way the votes of 30 thousand people were disregarded.

Romanyuk is asking the Court in Strasbourg to find that the DEC decision violated the right to free elections, Article 3 of the First Protocol to the Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

It cites the case of Kovach v. Ukraine from 2008 where the Court found that cancellation of polling station votes infringed the right of free choice.

The High Administrative Court rejected the suit brought by the Batkivshchyna Party asking to find unlawful the inaction of the Central Election Commission in not ensuring protection of the electoral rights of over 30 thousand voters.

As reported, in Election District No. 94 (Obukhiv, Kyiv oblast), United Opposition candidate Viktor Romanyuk was in the lead, however a court allowed a number of suits from Party of the Regions candidate Tetyana Zasukha.  The OPORA summary of the law suits can be found here

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