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No funding for anti-corruption measures – or any sign of them


State Anti-corruption Programme under Public Scrutiny

One year ago, on 28 November 2011 the Cabinet of Ministers approved a State Programme on Preventing and Countering Corruption for 2011-2015.  NGOs report that the programme has thus far not been carried out, and that funding from the budget has not been allocated.  They also question the need for the introduction by the Health Ministry of electronic medical forms which are supposed to require most of the programme’s budget. The Health Ministry reports that they have not been allocated any money at all for implementing the 


The Programme passed in 2011 was for a budget of 820 million UAH, with 803.5 million designated for the Health Ministry “for the implementation of electronic documenting systems, including electronic medical forms”. 

6.6 million UAH was supposed to go to the Ministry of Social Policy “to expedite introduction of a system of electronic documenting and electronic digital signature”.

4 million to the State Agency on Science, Innovation and Computerization and the Health Ministry to “refine procedure for personal reception by public authorities”;

1.4 million to the Ministry of Social Policy for coverage in the media of the results of checks and audits for the use of State funding.

During the year a group of NGOs investigated how measures from the anti-corruption programme were being carried out. On 28 November they announced their conclusion – that the programme exists only on paper.

According to Oleksy Khmara from Transparency International in Ukraine, “the anti-corruption programme was drawn up and passed without any public discussion.  For this reason one of the main tasks of our project is to establish why this or that measure was chosen and what really almost a billion UAH in public funding is spent”.

He says that the National Anti-Corruption Committee under the President could express a view on this, but doesn’t.  As reported at the time, Mr Khmara who was the only representative of NGO’s on that Committee left it after President Yanukovych passed both the Law on the Principles of State Language Policy and a Law on Public Procurement which removes State enterprises from any tender procedure.

The monitoring project is being run by Transparency International in Ukraine in cooperation with the Anti-Corruption Council of Ukraine; the Ukrainian Institute of Public Policy; the Open Society Foundation; the Centre of Political and Legal Reform; the NGO “Philosophy of the Heart”; and the Information and Legal Centre Our Right.  It is funded by the Netherlands Embassy programme MATRA and the International Renaissance Foundation.

The monitors hope to publish their preliminary report on 9 December, International Day against Corruption.

Reported at New Citizen 


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