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Famous accordion-player Ihor Zavadsky still in SIZO

The charge of corrupting minors is extremely serious, however the case has aroused concern, and suggestions that the musician may have been set up by a rival

  Renowned accordion-player Ihor Zavadsky has now spent 8 months in SIZO [pre-trial detention centre]. He, his administrator and driver, are accused of six cases of corrupting minors and of circulating pornography.  

The investigators claim that Zavadsky was under surveillance for over a year with a hidden camera placed in his flat. He was arrested on 23 March.

It is not clear why, if the crime involved corruption of minors, that over a year’s surveillance was required, or more to the point, why the police did not intercede earlier if they had grounds for such measures.  This is only one of many points of concern in this case.

Gazeta po-ukrainsku spoke with people who bring food parcels to the SIZO for the 46-year-old musician.  They explain that they bought an accordion for a thousand UAH so that he could practise in prison. The investigator and SIZO head didn’t mind, but the Prosecutor objected and so he “practises” with a cardboard model of the keyboard.

Those who now bring him parcels are adamant that the charges against him are false. His mother is 84 and unable to visit him.

It is for the court to decide whether Zavadsky and his co-defendants are guilty, however it is worth noting that the case has aroused concern.

TVi, for example, has presented a documentary suggesting that Zavadsky may have been set up by a rival. 

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