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Razvozzhaev: Any change in my testimony will be through coercion


Russian opposition activist, Leonid Razvozzhaev who was abducted from Kyiv after he had begun asylum procedure has been taken thousands of kilometres from Moscow and his lawyers and is presently in SIZO No. 1 in Chelyabinsk. He has been visited by a local Human Rights Ombudsperson and a lawyer. The latter was given statements by Razvozzhaev who considers the transfer to Irkutsk to be an attempt by the investigators to put pressure on him and force him to give the testimony they require.  He has stated that he is not renouncing his position, nor his defence lawyers, and that if this takes place it will be through coercion.

He has also addressed a submission to the Moscow court due to hear his cassation appeal against the extension of his detention on 14 January. He asks, as is his right, to be present at the hearing.

Razvozzhaev’s defence has also lodged an appeal against  his removal to Siberia.

The case of Leonid Razvozzaev directly concerns both Russia and Ukraine given the scandalous way a person seeking international protection, already considered an asylum seeker, was abducted and taken by force to Moscow, , Equally shocking is the apparent lack of any real efforts by the Ukrainian authorities and Ombudsperson to investigate.  More details in Enforced Silence: From Kyiv to Siberia and the links below.

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