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Alarm bells ring over dangerous environmental laws

31.12.2012    source:
Three laws, including that submitted by the President’s representative in parliament, will, environmentalists warn, lead to a colossal increase “if not in corruption, then in lawlessness”

As feared, the draft law, submitted by the President’s representative Yury Miroshnychenko, together with two others, was passed before the old parliament was dissolved. All three laws, though especially that put forward by the President's representatives, are likely to have grave consequences.

At a press conference in Kyiv, Oleksy Vasylyuk from the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine [NECU]  explained that the laws “make it possible to confiscate any forests, any nature territories to meet the needs of a given investor.  The main thing is that they create new conditions with respect to environmental protection which will apply in all all Ukraine, including Kyiv, next year.”  He explains that Miroshnychenko’s law abolishes the system for getting things agreed with the Environment Ministry. “If previously we said that there was an environmental assessment or agreement with the Environment Ministry, now the Ministry has nothing to agree. Furthermore the Environment Ministry doesn’t have its own territorial bodies at all. By 17 January if I’m not mistaken all of them will be dissolved and neither in Kyiv, nor in any other oblast, will there be environmental protection departments.

Who is to deal with reservation sites, supervise observance of environmental legislation in any administrative unit of Ukraine in 2013 is unclear.  We believe that this will enormously increase if not corruption, then lawlessness”.

The main law No. 5456-VI was passed on 16 October, just before the parliamentary elections.  The law passes a number of the powers linked with environment and natural resources to local State administrations.

More details of the law introduced by the President’s representative can be found in Legislative Plundering.

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