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Lutsenko calls for Association Agreement to be signed

05.02.2013    source:

Mensk Prison Colony where former Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko is serving an internationally condemned 4-year prison sentence (photo: Radio Svoboda)

On Monday the heads of the European Parliament’s Special Commission – former Polish President Kwaśniewski and former EP President Cox – visited imprisoned former Interior Minister and opposition leader Yury Lutsenko in the Mensk Prison Colony.

Lutsenko’s wife and defence counsel, Iryna Lutsenko reports that the visitors asked about her husband’s “position regarding an assessment of the internal situation in Ukraine on the eve of the EU-Ukraine Summit on 25 February, as well as the foreign political situation.”

Ms Lutsenko said that her husband remains convinced that Ukraine should beome an associated member of the EU, thus pulling itself out of the “Eurasian noose”.

“In his conversion with the Europeans Lutsenko stressed that despite the presence in Ukraine of already over 20 political prisoners of various levels (from the so-called “Vasilkiv terrorists” to the Sumy graffiti painters, despite the 2 years spent by him behind bars and his lost health, despite the 1.5 years that Tymoshenko has been in prison, Ukraine needs to be given the chance to become a fully-fledged European country”, Ms Lutsenko said.

He had also said that Ukrainians must not be punished twice by the current regime – through the imprisonment of Tymoshenko and Lutsenko and by losing the chance of a European future. 

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