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Legislators in name alone

08.03.2013    source:
The Civic Network OPORA has been monitoring the legislative activity (or otherwise) of current MPs and finds that during February over half took no part in any legislative work

Percentage of "useful" MPs: (the parties from left to right: 67% - VO Svoboda; 53% - Communist Party; 50% - UDAR; 44% - Batkivshchyna; 36% - non-aligned; 33% - Party of the Regions

The Civic Network OPORA has been monitoring the legislative activity (or otherwise) of current MPs.  In terms of drawing up legislation, the most active in February were MPs from the party which entered parliament for the first time in 2012 – the rightwing VO Svoboda Party (66.67%).  The least active were MPs from the Party of the Regions (32.69%).  Only a third of the members of the Party of the Regions faction took part in preparation of legislation during Febrary.

In terms of quantity, the largest opposition party – Batkivshchyna which had been the most prolific in December and January only produced 56 draft laws, while the Party of the Regions came up with 105.

OPORA writes that the average percentage of active MPs is at the level of 41.35%, meaning that more than half the MPs over all have not engaged in any work drawing up legislation.

The Party of the Regions legislative initiatives were primarily focused on economic issues, while the opposition Batkivshchyna and UDAR parties had more draft laws on reforming the law enforcement system and changes in the justice system. VO Svoboda’s draft laws pertained to political and governance issues, while the Communist Party (which has since 2010 been allied with the ruling Party of the Regions) produced 45 draft laws on issues of social policy and standards.

There were virtually no meetings of any profile committees during February. 

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