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Russian authorities descend on Amnesty International


Officials from the general prosecutor's office and tax police have arrived at the Moscow office of Amnesty International and are carrying out an unannounced audit.

This comes just three days after Memorial and hundreds of other NGOs in Russia were subjected to visitations from the Prosecutor’s Office, Justice Ministry and Tax Service

As reported, what marked the audit of Memorial was the appearance ahead of all the others of a producer from the pro-Kremlin NTV channel together with a cameraman.  NTV has gained particular notoriety of late with two scurrilous anti-opposition “documentaries”. 

RfEL reported that the scandalous law requiring NGOs which receive funding from abroad to register with the Justice Ministry as "foreign agents.” “make it possible for targeted NGOs to be subjected to regular and unannounced inspections. Violations of the law are punishable by sizeable financial penalties or potential imprisonment.”

Amnesty International has not registered as a “foreign agent”.  Nor have very many renowned NGOs who object strongly to the law. 

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