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Court enables extradition request of opposition politician

Viktor Romanyuk would have won the parliamentary elections from the opposition, had another court not allowed applications from the Party of the Regions candidate, Zasukha and cancelled the results at some polling stations

The Shevchenkivsky District Court in Kyiv has ordered the detention of opposition parliamentary candidate for No. 94 single mandate electoral district Viktor Romanyuk. The order was issued by Judge Vasyl Voloshyn in response to an application from the investigator.  This makes it possible for the Ukrainian authorities to seek Mr Romanyuk’s extradition from Italy.

The criminal case is on suspicion of “attempting to steal State property on a particularly large scale” and concerns the Indar insulin factory of which Mr Romanyuk was Deputy Director.

Viktor Romanyuk was detained in Italy late last week after the Ukrainian authorities placed him on the Interpol list.

In late January Romanyuk’s application to the European Court of Human Rights was found admissible.

The application was lodged over the decision by District Election Commission No. 94 to invalidate the voting at 27 polling stations on the application of the Party of the Regions candidate Tetyana Zasukha.

Romanyuk believes that this decision violated his right to free elections, Article 3 of the First Protocol to the Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

As reported, Viktor Romanyuk had been clearly in the lead in Election District No. 94 (Obukhiv, Kyiv oblast)), however a court allowed a number of suits from Party of the Regions candidate Tetyana Zasukha.

The court’s actions were reported by the election watchdog OPORA in early November. It noted that the “court received 17 civil suits asking the court to declare the elections invalid at polling stations where Batkivshchyna candidate Viktor Romanyuk won with a large majority. Of these the judges rejected 8 and accepted 3, despite the identical circumstances of the case and the testimony of members of the precinct electoral commissions [PEC]. A considerable percentage of the suits were from Tetyana Zasukha, the others from representatives of little-known candidates. In all 17 civil suits 

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